360 different styles of music varieties - “We offer the freshest culture in Seoul City"

    » What is 360 Sounds?
    360 Sounds is a cultural movement started by artists from Seoul, Republic of Korea. We provide 360 kinds of the freshest music, culture, and opportunities for various artists and young trend setters. This movement has now become a must follow trend code by many youngsters.

    360 Introduction : Press Kit

    » 360 Sounds : a blend of 360 kinds of music and culture
    For the past few years, a club/party culture has bloomed in Korea, especially near Hong-dae and Apgujung. This new culture introduced a new era where young people can feel free to express their passion for music and dance in public. Today, the club/party culture is based on a music from around the world, changing the current cosmopolitan scene. Ultimately, it is this subculture that creates the city’s popular trends, such as DJing, music, design, and fashion.

    Many parties have tried to combine music, media, and performance to bring different trends together, but they tend to overlook the importance of music, which is supposed to be the main part of the party/club, and the DJ, who works with the music. Because the DJ-scene was not fully developed at the start of the movement, DJs only have small, passive roles in today’s Korean party/club and are left as mere assistants, acting more like jukeboxes.

    » 360 Sounds : led by DJs
    360 Sounds was founded by three DJs who performed in Seoul: DJ Soulscape, DJ Jinmoo, and DJ Plastic Kid. And now, DJ YTst, MC Make-1AndowDrum Song and Jazzy IVY,  and photographer Nak have joined to party with 360 Sounds. 360 Sounds’ DJs work on their own production and P.R. which shows the creativity and diligence of 360 Sounds. In other words, 360 Sounds live for music. At many of the parties or clubs, DJs “serve” the crowd with music so people can have a good time while enjoying great music. But in 360 Sounds, the DJ is the one in the main spotlight. 360 Sounds wants to provide its own unique music using each DJ’s own original repertoires instead of playing just the music from the recent billboard charts. Music can awaken your soul and lift your spirits, leading to happier and healthier lives.

    » 360 Sounds : a congregation of various cultures
    Just as there are combinations of technology, there is a blending of cultures in this so-called ubiquitours generation. 360 Sounds hopes to provide many artists from different genres with new opportunities and to meet one another for possible collaborations. 360 Sounds has an important goal: providing events that bring artists, people, and different urban cultures together, such as photography, graphics, exhibitions, graffiti, B- boying, skateboarding, fashion. 360 Sounds wants to create the atmosphere of the old cultural festivals of creativity. Of course, music and DJs are a necessary part of these events.